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Feb 14, 2017
No need to apologise. You seem excited to have it and I'm happy with that. :)
Dec 10, 2015
That underground section would benefit greatly with some imaginative texturing work to make it feel more convincing, for example:

There is no dynamic lighting and there are no dynamic shadows, this is just done by texture work.
Feb 14, 2017
OK, so I've had a little go. Does this look better to you?

The roof is currently just a 9x9 block colour to try and cut down on memory and also to reduce the overall file size. The hex of the colour is 0A0A0A.


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Apr 5, 2016
just looks a bit cramped, doesn't road vehicle tunnels have a bit more room?
Feb 14, 2017
It's bigger than it looks I think. It's quite comfortably fit any bus I've put through it. It is a bit on the thin side (a little bit of a heart-stopping moment going into it at speed), but I'd prefer the two sides to be seperated. The Northbound lanes are 4.6m wide and approximately 5.6m tall. The southbound lanes are 5.1m wide and approx. 5.6m tall because I didn't put the centre wall in the middle and there are more important things to do.


Junaid sheeraz
Oct 20, 2016
Mar 25, 2018
It's coming along really nice Cameron loving the new updates your keeping us with. Well done.
Feb 14, 2017
So, player service 60 is now implemented and working as it should, as well as all AI service 42. I have changed the AIlists to replace the B9TLs with Transbus ALX400 (regional spec). I will use the B7TL ALX400 if it comes out before the map does, else it will be the trident. Here's some shots of Arriva B7L 3547 (NS62 RTT) and ConEx Transbus Trident ALX 400 9506 (R506 CER) sitting in a snowy Frantham Bus Station on services 60 and 42 respectively. The ConEx Tridents 9504-9509 were built in 1998 to replace the fleetlines of the same numbers on service 76, which they are often still used on. Fleetline 9503 was replaced by Trident 9510 in 2005. Vehicle 9508 was damaged in an accident and replaced by Citybus 400R vehicle 9511 in 2011.


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Feb 14, 2017
So, thanks to the guys on the discord server, I now have implemented more suitable AI cars (now uses the ones from Buses of the Westcountry with a few default ones) and I have completely removed the requirement for Bowdenham with alternative assets. They also reccomended that I add window vynils to the ALX 400s as per the C400Rs. Services 14 and 76 are now exclusively operated by double deckers. I have also implemented all AI bus routes for the defult event. All player routes are in for the default event. However, the 57 seems to break whenever I do... anything and the 502 works but doesn't work as intended. The 60 is working fine. The road textures were also updated to the ones in Cotterell.

To do list:
- Fix services 57 and 502.
- Finish scenary
- Do the chrono events
- Check repaints are of desired standard (i.e. custom interiors where necessary, etc.)
- Complete hof files
- Voices
- Release the thing

I now aim to get the map released before September, but this is simply a target. Once the scenery is done the release date will likely come forward at an alrming rate and I should be able to give a projected release date.

ConEx TransBus Trident ALX400 9509 (R509 CER) sits in Frantham Bus Station awaiting separture time to Cernby on service 76.

ConEx's sole C400R (as of default event), 9511, ventures onto service 60.
Feb 14, 2017
Done a bit of scenery around Frantham. Here is two shots of Pollaway Lane, and one shot of Chichester road.



I have also made some route branding for service 152, applied to ALX400 vehicles 9504-9507 and 9509
Feb 14, 2017
OK, small update this time, I have started adding a yellow box to the junction immediately outside Frantham Bus Station, as well as starting to complete the road markings in Frantham itself.

I have also changed the ConEx pride liveries.

ConEx County Citaro 3604


ConEx City 4301

ConEx County 9511


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Dec 28, 2016
Hi, how did you repaint the Fleetline?
Feb 14, 2017
Advanced warning: there may not be much developing going on for up to a few weeks because my computer has wet itself and either the motherboard or GPU has shortef and needs replacing. The hard drive, and thus the map, should be ok.
Feb 14, 2017
UPDATE: I have bought a new DP cable which has allowed me to use the computer, but it will only run in safe mode. I have completely backed up the latest version of the map and will install it onto a clean OMSI install on my laptop, on which I willl try and continue developing the map, IF it can handle it. I have also decided to completely re-design Peth to include one-way streets and a couple of unbelievably scary custom junctions (which will be alright when you get used to them), among probably other things such as a complete re-think of the AI buses around Peth and Chastity road will becoming a 4 lane street instead of a 6 lane one. I want this map to offer ease to those new to the game or buses, but at the same time offering a challenging drive for those more experienced. That probably won't happen but that's what I want.
Feb 14, 2017
We're back. I've added traffic light control out of Frantham Bus Station and started adding scenery between Frantham and Maytonford. I've also created a bonus livery - an all over advert for Channel 3 North East, which ConEx applied to an ALX400 in the 1990s. This is not used by the map, but I'm including it because I want to.





Pingu Penguin!
Sep 6, 2017
Great map! I see the regional spec ALX400 Is now part of the map! Keep the work up
Feb 14, 2017
Apologies for not updating recently - I've been busy going college related gubbins. I have been working on custom junctions and roundabouts and such for the map, and will provide a proper update when they are completed. In the meantime, I have started to update the *.hof files. If you are interested in such things, here's a short video demonstrating the various destinations at your disposal.