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Hi, I've wanted to make this thread as I've been having some issues within Omsi, like with certain maps I'm sat at 14FPS to 18FPS and It's really a bummer, Like on other games I can get constant 30FPS even 40. I know my PC specs aint the best but here they are:

AMD 6100 - 6 Core processor

AMD Radeon 7770 1Ghz Edition

8GB of 1333Mhz Cosair Memory

1TB Segate HDD

and that's pretty much the main specs, I was wondering if there's any optimization mods for omsi or stuff like that? If so please share, as it will help so much, I've tried reducing AI and stuff but didn't really do anything.



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What is your processor clock speed?

Also have you tried the following

- increasing target framerate

- Reducing adjacent tile count to 1

- Setting reflection to economy

- Using CFF explorer to allow OMSI to handle more than 2GB of address space?


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Increasing target frame rate won't help if you're under 30fps already, but there are a few things you can try.

  • Everything else Joe suggested (Google NTcore 4gb patch, apply it to OMSI.exe - you have to do this again every time you reinstall, update or validate the game cache of OMSI)
  • Turn Reflexions down to 256*256 (or even 128*128)
  • Turn off any other programs while playing, especially internet browsers
  • Use only low-res textures and/or limit all textures to 256*256
  • Turn down object settings
  • Use reduced AIlist
  • Turn off all stencil buffer and particle effects

You can find all of these except the NTcore 4gb patch in the options menus


It's your processor. I have a quad core 4300 (AMD) which handles it. How many maps do you have? Maybe defrag your hard drive aswell. Omsi is a processor based game that's why many people get low frames.

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