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Hey dudes, here in the Philippines we have Secondary School or Curriculum (It is the time when you pass the Pre-School then Elementary Grade 1-6 and the Secondary Curriculum is now called High School) we have 1st to 4th year of High School but it was been remove but we are the last batch of Secondary Curriculum. The Curriculum was remove and replaced with the Newer one the "K-12" Curriculum like your kind of schools in other countries like U.S. having Grade 7-12 and then called the students 7th Grade up to the 12th Grade. The first day of School is the first Monday of the Month of June and ends at the last day of the Month of March. We have always 8 hours of spending to study Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 PM GMT+8 PST.

We have always a Periodical Test every quarters of our School Years. We have the Test in every Subjects (Science/Physics, Mathematics/Algebra, English, Filipino, Drafting, M.A.P.E.H., Social Studies/Economics and Values Studies). This first Periodical Test I got the Highest Score in Physics.


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