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A few weeks back (three at least) I decided to switch my keyboard layout to Dvorak. You're probably wondering what I mean by that, and I'll explain. Pictured below is your standard QWERTY layout which you are most likely using.

Seem familiar? Of course it does! There are slight variations of this depending on where you live. Some layouts are AZERTY or QWERTZ: these only move two letters.
Now, take a look at the Dvorak keyboard layout:

You are probably thinking, "What?! How could anybody type on that?! It must be impossible!!!"
Well, no. I can't say it was an easy switch (it wasn't, and I'm still not back at my old WPM of >100) but it was definitely worth it. It is much easier to type (less reaching; however I do not use home row but there would be a lot of less reaching if I did use home row.)

Why is it better? Do you know why the QWERTY layout was created? To prevent people from typing too quickly on a typewriter! I'm 100% sure you don't even own one of those, but if you do, it has 2 inches of dust on it. The Dvorak, in contrast, was designed to be as ergonomic and efficient as possible. Notice how in home row all vowels are present. You could type over 5,000 words in home row alone. In QWERTY's home row? One vowel, maybe 50+ words. And why is the semicolon there? What?! How often is that used? Most people don't even know how to properly use it!

Okay, enough rambling. Right now I am still using the Dvorak, but I'm noticing (right now at least) my accuracy has dropped along with my typing speed. But, it's my third week in. I've used QWERTY for over 8 years—and could touch type. Touch typing is a sort of muscle memory that allows you to type quickly and accurately without even looking at the keyboard. I am three weeks in, and can already touch type. Not 100% accurately, but I can do it. A few looks down are required here and there. If you don't touch type, you hunt & peck, which doesn't allow you to be a speedy typist. In a few weeks I should regain all WPM I previously had on QWERTY and maybe even exceed it.

The problem is since I was so good at touch typing on QWERTY, my mind still wants to point me to where a QWERTY letter is, and since only two letters are in the same place on QWERTY and Dvorak (A and M) it can be a bit confusing. I know I'm making progress, because unfortunately a QWERTY is looking foreign to me! I can't touch type on it anymore although my goal was to be able to do both at once, but it has proven harder that I thought.

A funny zine is located here if you want to learn more about Dvorak so you can switch too, if you want.
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I don't think I could change.. My brain is wired to qwerty. Might give it a go for a bit of fun :)
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