Flexible Televisions!

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Thaaat's riiight ladies and gentleman! The next utterly useless thing has been unveiled: Flexible Televisions!
Perfect for 360° entertainment! If you have a lot of poles in your house, just wrap one of these suckers around it and you can watch only a portion of television! If it drops, don't worry—it won't break—because why you may ask? Because it's flexible! Anything flexible can't shatter.

Technology is always trying to suck every last dollar out of your wallet, but this is definitely worth it. You can roll it up like a newspaper (3 cm maximum!) and stick it in your back pocket! You can even play fetch with your dog with it! Who wouldn't want one of these?

Why else might you need one? Who knows? In fact, who cares?!?! It can bend!
Thanks LG!
Article can be found here.

What do you guys think about flexible tech in general? Earlier this year, the G Flex was released (flexible smartphone.) I can definitely understand a flexible smartphone because I drop mine all the time, but a TV? That's usually mounted on a wall or something. I don't get it.
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