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FiveTen Logistics Recruiting!!


We are a group of friends that wanted to start up a company for ETS2 and so we did. We aim for a realistic, fun and active VTC. With realistic we mean that we follow the rules on the road and that we don't run around trolling and stuff like that.


We mainly use Scania trucks but any truck is allowed as long as you have our company colours. No trolling, ramming or blocking is allowed and will be punished by a kick and maybe a ban from our VTC depending on what you do. We want you to be active which means that 5 jobs a week is absolute minimum (if you are not on any vacation or has any other reason). If these rules are not followed it might result in a kick/ban depending on what rule you broke.

What we are looking for:
  • Active people
  • Mature people
  • A minimum of 12 years old, however expections can be made if your application is over our expectations.
  • People that are willing to put some work into this VTC
  • People that follows rules and regulations on the roads

In order to join this VTC you will need to fill in an application form that will be linked further down. If your application gets accepted we will take you in on an Interview on our Discord, if you pass this interview you will have to conduct a drivers test where we will watch your driving closely.


Application Form -
Discord -

Hope to see you on our Discord and on the roads!

/GrizzlY [CEO]
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