SimJourneys Defunked
Oct 25, 2016
These is the benefits of privatisation, as we can clearly see, isn't working. Thanks Thatcher............

If we can use Reading Buses, NCT and Lothian as an example of how it should be; yes, it should be like this. People complained about BR, National Bus Company and LT but we had clean, well looked after buses, BR i don't know much about but privatising everything isn't the way to go. We have more EU investment into transport than we have our own.

If you got to Paris, who runs the buses, trains and metro, RATP and SNCF????????????? Not Arriva Go Ahead, Stagecoach, yada yada yada yada.

If you go to Estonia, they have free travel for born residents and if you've lived there for 5 years, TLT is a government operated service

As a good friend of mine said, all Public Services should NOT be Private. We pay Taxes to fund what?

If you go to Hong Kong, it's franchised by KMB and CTB but look at the state of the transport, clean efficient and up to date.

BVG is getting there, but again, Government subsidy, paying taxes there is a lot less and you get more for your buck.

Jamaican Patois, who wan complain bout Brexit need fi check the status of the UK and see wha gwan.

Im not ranting in an angry manner but when you travel you can see the difference, not without its problems! But Cha, there's a lot more responsibility.

Alex Anderson

You know, the guy that owns Anderson?
Jul 26, 2019