First Unibus Pack [ALX400] [ALX400R] [C400R]

Repaints First Unibus Pack [ALX400] [ALX400R] [C400R] 1.0

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[CU] - JTRepaints
Jan 1, 2018
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Ddogb submitted a new download:

First Unibus Pack by JTRepaints [ALX400] [ALX400R] [C400R] - Repaints based of First Bristol Unibus & custom .hof for UKDT's Cotterell Map

Hi and welcome to my First Unibus Pack which includes​

1: Three repaints and .hof File for the ALX400R
2: Three Repaints and .hof File for the ALX400 (London Spec)
3: Three Repaints and two .hof Files for the C400R & C400RX
4: The C400 has two .hof files, one for the normal Destination Display & a K+ one for people who use PZ 8904's Krueger++ mod for the C400R.
5: Also a bonus one for the C400R that uses Fellowsfilm member FROSTY's template, find the link to him & the...
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