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Jan 21, 2017
James Rigby submitted a new download:

First Manchester HOF - HOF file containing First Manchester operated routes

A hof file containing displays currently and previously operated routes by First Manchester. Works for any buses that use Krueger, Vollmatrix, and ANNAX displays, so that means they don't need a texture (i.e London Citybus) and won't work for buses like the London Spec Transbus ALX 400 where you need a texture.

Due to the Limitations in OMSI 2 with displays, they are not as realistic layout wise especially the destinations that don't have a via or even a second line but I have tried to make...
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Jan 21, 2017
James Rigby updated First Manchester HOF with a new update entry:

First Manchester Hof, Manchester Metroshuttle version

These are the changes and additions that I have made:
Added Vantage to the front and sides of the vantage routes
Ammended the route name for the route on the file 2 to Bolton on the normal default route, since it said just "Bolton" and not "2 Bolton"
Changed Express on the X39, to Expresso
On the Bolton side of the route 36, before it said just "Royal Bolton" and I have now put "Royal Bolton Hospital" like in the Manchester side
Changed the 68 destination from Farnworth, it should be intu...
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Jan 21, 2017
James Rigby updated First Manchester HOF with a new update entry:

Via fix and additions and much more cleaner version

These changes are only edits of what is already there from the first two versions, the next version will have more routes/destinations:
Ammended the destination for the route 33, it doesn't go to Wigan but actually goes to Worsley
Added Interchange for routes going to Bolton
Changed the royal bolton for the hospital to R.B, changed Salford shopping centre to Salford S.C, changed the via for intu Trafford Centre to just Trafford Centre and Stakehill Industrial Estate to Stakehill I.E to fit...
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