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First Bus Virtual *UPDATED* Information

First bus virtual is a newly founded virtual bus company founded by me.

We are based in
Yorkshire(Yorkshire Counties)
Bristol(the upcoming Bristol airport map!)

We would use these buses;
Volvo b7tl Gemini 1. First Olympia or Barbie
Volvo b9tl Gemini 2. First Olympia, Cotterell or Barbie
London Citybus c400r. First Olympia, Cotterell or Barbie
Volvo b7tl wright eclipse. First Olympia, Cotterell or Barbie
Transbus ALX 400 Regional. First Olympia, Cotterell, Nightline* or Barbie
MAN a21 uk. First Olympia or Barbie.
Enviro 400 Low hight (HK bus) There is no first livery at the moment . I am in the progress of making one.
Enviro 200 with the UK enhancement pack found here. At the moment there is no first livery. I would just use the white one.

WE NOW HAVE A DISCORD: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

We operate any first bus livery from any of the selected regions.
You can join if you are
13 or over
Willing to drive for us.
Post Regular updates on our discord.
First Bus Virtual

*First nightbus repaint in the making!


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