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Founder of Fellowsfilm Studios
Dec 10, 2015
@btv Joins the team as Content Control

@RhysGeoffrey Joins the team as Community Support

Groups have been restructured, coloured names are heads of each group, the final decisions go through them.

@Road-hog123, @btv, @THE PH6NT0M will be managing uploaded files, meaning if you upload a file, they will be testing it to make sure they follow the community guidelines including file structure (Coming soon)

@MagicReloadable, @Fleetline7221, @joe_alker, @RhysGeoffrey are Community Support, managing all users posts and topics to make sure they follow forum guidelines and to keep order.

The UKDT Development Team stays the same as nobody is currently leaving, although @Lowlander21 has just joined :) .
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@Oainien has left the Moderation Team for the forums and Discord server, and will now resume under his original role as part of the UKDT.
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