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The FF Joey
Following discussion amongst the staff, we have decided that it is in the best interests of the community to re-host some abandoned content. By hosting these files on Fellowsfilm we hope to provide a safe and reputable location to download these files rather than directing users to other re-upload sites.

The aim of this project is to make available files that were released to the community, but have since become unavailable through reasons out of control of the author. In general these files became unavailable after their author became inactive, thus being unaware that their file is no longer available - it is assumed that if the author were active, they would have re-uploaded the file themselves, as they would want it to be available to the community.

Content re-hosted as part of this project will be selected to meet the following requirements:
  • The content is commonly requested, a dependency for current content or staff otherwise feel it would be of value to the community
  • The original download location is unavailable
  • A working copy of the original content has been located for re-upload
  • The content has not been publicly re-uploaded by the author
  • The author has not at any point expressed that they no longer want their content to be available to the community
  • We have been unable to contact the original author, or have gained their approval to re-host their content
All files will be uploaded under the @Fellowsfilm user, so as to distinguish these files from files actually owned by staff members. Neither the original author nor Fellowsfilm will offer any official support for the files, and they will be provided as-is, even if they wouldn't normally meet our upload requirements.

If you are the author of a file uploaded under this project and think it has been wrongfully uploaded, or would prefer to have the download assigned to your own name, please contact the Fellowsfilm administration team with proof of ownership and we'll be happy to make any changes.


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