ETS2 Fast Freight Haulage Now Recruiting!!

Carl Billingham

New Member
Jun 28, 2017
Fast Freight Haulage

About Us:

Fast Freight Haulage is a TruckersMP Virtual Trucking Company with great staff!, a wide range of games are played within the community, including but not limited to: Rocket League, Farming Simulator 17 and many more.

Trucking Divisions:
Here at FFH We Have 4 Division:
General Haulage
Low Loader
Temperature Controlled

Upon joining us you will have the choice to join one of our Divisions.

You must be active on Teamspeak
You are 16 or older.
You must have either 100+ hours on ETS or ATS combined.
We expect you to attend at least one event every month.
You must not in another VTC


Are you interested in joining us? then head over to this link