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Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is Flash. I am the Chief Executive Officer of F-n-H Trucking. We have recently been under reconstruction but we are now ready to reopen to the public. We are looking for drivers that are professional, courteous and experienced but we are open to allowing drivers their first real experience on the road. We are currently based out of Reno, Nevada but are planning to open new hubs in Phoenix, Arizona, Los Angeles, California and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The F-n-H Trucking Company has created their own paint job design for multiplayer
View attachment 4688 View attachment 4687 View attachment 4686 and also skins for single player.
View attachment 4689 We at F-n-H Trucking believe that we should support our local businesses so we develop contracts with different businesses to help them with deliveries to ensure they're properly stocked at all times.

We are currently looking for new drivers and offer many advancement opportunities.

F-n-H Trucking was created by myself and the Chief Administrative Officer Hirni because we realized that many VTC's were not to the standards we desired. We hope that with your support we can make F-n-H the most professional, realistic and enjoyable trucking company available.

Our website was created by our own District Manager and is comprehensive and easy to use.

If you are interested in applying here at F-n-H Trucking please visit: http://fnhtrucking.com/
We consider every applicant to ensure a proper, fair and equal hiring opportunity.
After you submit an application you will be asked to come on our team speak via email for an oral interview.
If you are accepted to the company you will be given access to our forums, convoys, contracts, team speak and company skins.

We also use Virtual Trucking Manager to log our deliveries. http://ats.virtualtruckingmanager.com/company/367

We here at F-n-H Trucking appreciate you taking the time out of your day to consider F-n-H Trucking as your employer.



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Nice thread, nice sounding VTC - welcome to TruckSim and good luck! :)
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