Externiture Bus Stop Pack

Scenery Externiture Bus Stop Pack 1.0

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Mar 22, 2016
BlueOrange submitted a new resource:

Externiture Bus Stop Pack - A lot of different poles, flags, and timetable cases

Author: BlueOrange
Release: Externiture Bus Stops Pack
Version: v1.0


Drag the SceneryObjects folder and Fonts folder over your OMSI 2 folder - Simple
NOTE: If it comes up with "REPLACE" then you most likely have this already installed.

This pack contains many different models for bus stop poles flags, and timetables.
To use this properly, put the pole 0.25m above the ground (if on pavement) so that it shows the little bit of dirt at the
bottom (some...
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Dammit you beat me to it :P Got literally identical models sit ting on my hard drive...suppose it saves me the effort of texturing.