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Viktor Avdejev

We are very impressed with the community effort during the current Trade Connections Germany event on World of Trucks. There were 5 million tons of material delivered in under a week! This is about 3 times ton-kilometers compared to the cargo delivered in the Big Sur event. And the numbers keep climbing up. Big thumbs up for your efforts!

The huge scale of the event is intentional. We wanted to provide a challenge that will take several weeks to complete so that more people have a chance to participate, as there were frequent gripes with our previous events that the duration was too short.

However, it seems that some players kept missing the 300 km limit. We are getting lot of inquiries about this, so we decided to remove it from the community goal requirements (the personal goal remains the same). To sum it up, the community goal is now thus:

Deliver 50.000.000 tons of cargo in total to Germany from any other country or vice versa. There is no distance limit now.

Meanwhile, check out this little video presenting cool main menu background waiting for you as one of the community rewards...

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(Credit: SCS Software)
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