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European Truckers VTC is a new VTC run be me and 2 others we are looking into making it a big VTC. We are currently doing it on EuroTruckSim 2 at first the eventually onto AmericaTruckSim.

The aim of our VTC:
To allow people who play EuroTruck to experience doping loads off with fellow employees, make new friends and even experience convoys.

We are looking for a person who can work with us to make mods for us such as Skin Trailers and a lot more.

Send your application in now!!

I recommend you download. VTMLive

What is VTMLive ?
VTMLive is an automatic trip logger for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. This allows you to synchronise immediately and automatically your job once it's finished. Don't fill in forms anymore, just play!

How does it work ?
It's very simple. Follow this few steps and enjoy :
  • First, download the application by following the link below and install it.​
  • At run, go to settings tab and select your ETS2 and/or ATS folder(s) then click install plugin.​
  • Now, log in with your VirtualTruckingManager ID and select the company for which you want to work.​
  • It's done. You can play!​

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