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About the VTC:
At European Freight Logistics VTC we aim to be a professional and friendly company for virtual truckers to work in. Through a familiar community and organised convoys as well as the opportunity to occasionally truck with fellow members of EFL's VTC.

About the European Freight Logistics Gaming Community side.
We are a VTC within a gaming community we play all types of games. The gaming community was based around ETS2 And ATS for people to go trucking together and have fun listen to the radio and chill. We get to know each other more and are not just a place you can forget. We are a friendly bunch and enjoy to have a good time online. We get to know each other more and are not just a place you can forget. Our goal is to have long term members who come on to enjoy not only games but the people they play the games with.


You must be at least 13 years of age.

Be able to speak and write English fluently. (It does not have to be your first language).

You must be an experienced and knowledgeable driver. (There is no minimum amount of hours you need to have spent on ETS2/ATS).

Respectful to fellow truckers.

To not already be in a VTC (Virtual Trucking Company)


Everyone is welcome to join our Discord and check out our community. To do this connect to:


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