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Eng Guan

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Europe Transport Logistics is currently hiring new drivers!
- Must have official copy of ETS2 (ATS optional)
- At least 100 hrs of prior playing time.
- Required to join Europe Transport Logistics Facebook Group to receive updates (unless you have a good reason)
- Speak English in the group (use google translate if can't or your English is poor, it helps us understand better).

Once you join:
- State what division you are interested in your TrucksBook application (Heavy Haulage and General Haulage)
- What truck you intend to use (mod trucks are limited to Scania RJL, Scania P & G by GT-Mike and MAN TGX/TGA by MADster).
- What girl's name you want on the front of the truck (if you don't want a specific name we will choose a name randomly)

Other things to note:
- It is not mandatory to use VTC skins all the time (non-VTC skins are welcome in the group).
- Inform me if you intend to leave the VTC and give us a reason. It helps us to be a better VTC.

Scania R 2009 (General Haulage): 360 hp to 580 hp
Scania R 2009 (Heavy Haulage): 500 hp to 730 hp
Scania Streamline: 360 hp to 580 hp
Scania Next Gen R: 360 hp to 580 hp
Scania Next Gen S: 360 hp to 580 hp
Volvo FH16 2013 (General Haulage): 460 hp - 540 hp
Volvo FH16 2013 (Heavy Haulage): 600 hp to 750 hp
Volvo FH16 2009: 540 hp to 750 hp
MAN TGX (General Haulage): 320 hp to 500 hp
MAN TGX (Heavy Haulage): 580 hp to 680 hp
DAF XF105: 360 hp to 510 hp
DAF XF Euro 6: 410 hp to 510 hp
Iveco Stralis: 310 hp to 560 hp
Iveco Hi-Way Stralis: 310 hp to 560 hp
Mercedes Benz New Actros: 421 hp to 625 hp
Renault Magnum: 440hp to 520 hp

Contact me on Facebook (Wee Eng Guan) or my assistant Dravin Waye (Dravin Waye) for, or email me at [email protected] for more details.


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