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SCS Software said:
We are happy to announce the availability of Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Mac OS X + Steam platform.

Porting our game engine to Mac was quite challenging, as the engine and game code for both ETS2 and ATS are constantly evolving. It took us longer than we anticipated initially, but finally we have reached the important milestone of supporting Windows, Linux as well as Mac. The good thing is that from now on we should be able to maintain all editions based on shared codebase, making the probability of ATS launching on all three platforms on day 1 very high.

We are launching the Mac edition of the game on Steam for now, and honestly we are not quite sure yet when or if we may offer it though Mac App Store. On Steam we can release updates anytime we feel we are ready, the current DLC system will "just work" there as well, and with a bit of fiddling, people should be able to use any mods that are out there already for the Windows edition. On Mac App Store where apps operate in a sandbox, it takes way more fiddling to make mods work, and the QA process would possibly delay releases for unknown period of time, making it difficult to keep our game in sync on all supported platforms though future changes of World of Trucks.

Just as the Windows and Linux version, the OS X version can be found on the Steam Store starting today. Check out our step-by-step guide if you are unsure how to activate your game or if you have no idea what the entire Steam thing is! If you have already activated the game on Steam and have been running it under Linux or Windows, of course there is no need to re-purchase it. Any genuine Product Key that we have issued can activate the game on Steam, so even if you already own or are about to buy any boxed retail Windows edition of the game, you can get the Mac version running immediately.
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