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I bought Euro Truck Simulator 2 at the end of November (the essentials pack with Scandinavia and Going East DLC) and have sunk just over 50 hours into it since then; I've told a few people what I'm playing and have had some raised eyebrows and smiles but I'm really enjoying the experience, slowly increasing my cash, acquiring a decent Scania truck and getting enough money to buy a garage and hire a driver to work for me. The graphics are pretty good, not quite AAA but really solid for a simulator and the trucks look great. The AI of the other cars is sometimes lacking, they do dumb things quite often... but that probably makes it more realistic!

I bought the Vive La France DLC at the weekend and downloaded Promods, which massively expands the map (though was a bit of a pain to download (they say it's free but once you register they try to make you pay to download it by making the free version harder to download). I had avidly watched Squirrel on youtube driving the Promods map of Iceland though, so I REALLY wanted it. I've not really been able to try much of it yet but the quality of the maps looks excellent.

I've just bought American Truck Simulator too, because it's cheap as chips and you can't have enough trucking. ;) It looks challenging with the large cabs they have compared to the European short wheelbase cab-overs and I love the change of scenery; I've seen footage of people playing it with tumbleweeds blowing across the road, so can't wait to find those.]
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Promods is definitely a great addon, it's huge and you can discover so much new places !

I remember the first time I saw tumbleweeds in ATS, it was so cool ! :)

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