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Reverse Engineering
  • the reproduction of another manufacturer's product following detailed examination of its construction or composition
For an experienced Modder, I have been thought of the idea of modding many games particularly Euro Truck Simulator 2; I have seen and notice the game's structure.
Such as:

  1. The *.sii files are typical codes/scripts for ETS2's programming language, I wonder what programming language does ETS2 use?
  2. The *.dds files are 2D files that are manipulated for 3D visuals of the 3D Models.
  3. The *.mat, *.vso and *.fso files are the coded manipulation of shade or the text file that holds for shader.
  4. The *.scs files, as we know it is an archive that makes mods acceptable to the Game, but not all of you think/notice that *.scs files are not really compressed, the term "compress it to *.scs file" is a fault-term to use because; Compress - means to make the files in a (1) file similar to a folder and to make the file size smaller. *.scs is actually an extension name for zip archive that have to store the files without compression.
  5. The *.pmd, *.pmc and *.pmg files are text that holds the attributes/properties, behaviour and the structure pattern/blue print of an object or the 3D file itself and I am not sure if it also holds the 3D file/model because I have seen its size (too small kb's to < tens of mb's) just like a *.txt or text file's size then the 3D file Editor (Blender, Zmodeler, Autodesk... etc.) would just handle the text and it will take care of the rest.
  6. The *.pma files are the Animations of the 3D files given above.
  7. The *.sui files are typically used for animation definitions.
  8. The *.tobj files are the material and image/shade or object's file definition or file locator. the *.tobj is assigned to get the location of the *.mat and *.dds and other objects that a certain definition/*.sii would call/get it's information and/or data to a specific task.
  9. The *.ogg files the sound files that is used to make ambient, environment, trucks, cars (AI's), weather sounds... etc. So if it is a sound file why the other modders use mp3's and other sound file types? Because the *.ogg files are faster to edit, run/play and it has a much simpler sound file type?
  10. The *.font files as the file extension says, It is a file type for fonts to be used in ETS2.
  11. The *.aux, *.base, *.desc, *ppd and *.mdb files are for map definitions and properties.
  12. The *.bmp files are image use for ETS2 system.
  13. The *.btf files for stamp.
  14. The *dat files are much likely a subdivide body of the *.sii files. A part that is needed by *.sii.
  15. The *.db file actually the material.db is the Material Data Base for the *.mat for much arrange and complete set of materials.
  16. The *.ts files are the effect for shades of the 3D file when it comes to playing/running the Game to see the ETS2 texture or the colors/saturation of the Image/3D models.
  17. The *.rs files are the light effects of the game.
  18. The *.txt files an ordinary file for text.
  19. The *.ogv files are small video and it is like the *.ogg's specification in terms of video.
  20. The *.xrc files are ETS2 system files.
Other files types I didn't actually know: *.exr, *pdd.
The "*." represents the file types or extension names of the aforementioned names.
The accuracy of the text and words I typed is upon the reader

If you have questions or suggestion, I'll try my best to answer it.
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