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Q: What's the size of the multiplayer files?
A: About 1 MB.

Q: How long alpha tests will last?
A: Depends on amount of major bugs we detect. If there will not be many bugs, mod will be released then.

Q: Are Open Alpha tests for everyone?
A: Yes. Unless you don't have original copy of game on steam. (REMEMBER! You can activate your game cd-key on Steam!)

Q: How much will multiplayer cost?
A: Multiplayer is free to download, free to play. It costs 0€/0PLN/$0/£0 and 0 of any other currency :).

Q: Is DLC "Going East!" necessary to play ETS2MP?
A: No it isn't.

Q: Is ETS2MP update of game, or separated installer which will be downloaded from your servers?
A: ETS2MP is a separated application which will be downloaded from directly our website (
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ok so I will create a new profile with no mods. It will vanilla map+all dlcs.
They said that you can use current profiles but all the mods will just turn off and if am right when you go back into regular Singleplayer they should just turn back on.
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Statement On Behalf of Mudatruckers / Eliximus

Re: ETS2 MP Mod

We would like to acknowledge the fact that having subsidised the developement of this mod from the start and by removing Eliximus as staff (Media Representative), you have now released the funding for our community
to grow better and stronger for which we thank you.

We would also like to point out the Mudatruckers have now decided NOT to support this mod in any shape or form and are withdrawing all our resources to the developers and the community.

Mudatruckers are a serious group of people who wish to promote, enhance and grow the ETS2 community. Therefore to do this we feel we are no longer able to support a group of childish individuals.
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