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The official EuroTruck Radio VTC are now recruiting!

After a massive break from actively recruiting members to the VTC due to the amount of active members we already had we are now back and still looking for more drivers!
You can find us on
Teamspeak: ts.eurotruckradio.com
Sign up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1x7593StNiILU6XEX2X4X3YgBLPysGTEneiZXV0m6kjc/viewform


In August 2014 Euro Truck Radio was founded, by Rick. After a successful launch, a fast growing fan base started to form, Mini (another owner) at Euro Truck Radio, brought the idea of introducing creating a VTC for the community to get engaged with the ETR team. After a few weeks we began to realize the value of the VTC to Euro Truck Radio. After many months of blood, sweat and tears we now have over 500 active members split over both the English speaking And Korean speaking divisions and ever increasing. The VTC is now owned by Mini, Crumbs and Clare who are three of the longest serving members of the ETR community and have ample experience in dealing with any problems that being in the ETS2 MP community may bring to any individual.

VTC Staff:

VTC Owners – Crumbs, Clare and Mini

The VTC Owners are the go to guys for the VTC managers, all decisions regarding the VTC will ultimately be made by them.

VTC Operations Manager – Bob.
The VTC Operations Manager’s are the people who are in charge of the day to day running of the VTC in the absence of VTC Owners. Any problems you have regarding other members or the VTC can be put to them to deal with or pass on to the owner.

Events Coordinators – Fletch, Figplayer.
The Events Coordinator is in charge of The Convoy Control team and organizing the VTC members throughout events. They can also take any problems to the VTC Managers from members.

CC Managers – Boydy, Figplayer.
The Convoy Control Manager’s are responsible the Convoy Control team both during and not during convoys. All enquiries about Convoy Control are to go through them who can then pass on any relevant information to high ranking staff.
Driving Test Commissioner/Examiner – Bob.
The driving test commissioner is responsible for the organizing and the admin of driving tests and Examiners whereas the Examiners are there to sit applicants driving tests at the appropriate times.

Convoy Control
Convoy Control is a group of VTC members who are responsible for the smooth running of convoys and other events. ETR Convoys are usually held on Wednesdays and Sundays and are usually home to around 100+ trucks that will need guiding around the roads of ETS2MP. Any enquiries about Convoy Control should be put to Boydy or Figplayer who can be regularly found on our Teamspeak.


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