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Enterprise Logistics Group Now Recruiting Drivers!!


- Must speak decent English

- Must join our discord

- Must be willing to drive a lot and join our convoys when you can

- Drive appropriate trucks/paints

We Offer 2 Divisions

  • Enterprise Logistics

  • Enterprise Heavy Haulage

What makes us different?

At the award winning Enterprise Logistics Group we have friendly staff who joined ELG because they want to drive professionally but also like to chill out and relax. We like to get the job done quickly and efficiently yet having a relaxing and fun environment. We offer a media team, racing team for the new TMP Racing series hosted by Liberty Media and a virtual coach company for those who like to also drive coaches.

Sierra Events

In late 2018 ELG created Sierra Events with the goal of creating a community for everyone, it caters for convoys, truckfests, various racing series and other games such as Forza and GMod. To join the Sierra discord find the ‘Sierra Events’ tab on our website.

  • Want to partner? Message the CEO and we can discuss

- To apply/view the paint colours for our fleet and read more about us, check out our website https://elgroup.weebly.com , follow us on social media @elgroup_vtc and join our discord. Check out our VTC trailer as well -
We hope you choose to join us at ELG and happy trucking!!

- Tappedouter2002 | ELG | CEO & Sierra Events | CEO

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