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Hey guys I am the Event Manager at EL (Electric Logistics) and we're having a convoy this Saturday and we would like you to join us on the brilliant convoy. We're travelling across Europe from UK (Dover Seaport) to Poland (Poznan) and we will be taking pictures and you will get to see amazing views. We do have a few rules though.

1. Be aware of lag and stay 100m behind the truck infront of you..
2. Please do not overtake in the convoy.
3. Follow the convoy control's lead.
4. Make sure to bring a trailer.
5. Do not ram other people not even their trailer.
6. Make sure to stick in a single file line.
7. Do not advertise your company.

Link to the convoy: http://ets2c.com/view/19527/el-pr-smalley-uk-dover-sea-port

If you would like to ask some questions please speak to either Smalley (Events Manager), Seven (Manager/Founder of EL) or Lee (Head Of Staff).

Our Teamspeak: ts.electriclogistics.co.uk:9988

Our VTC are recruiting as well! If you would like to join Electric Logistics please follow the instructions on our thread here.

Thanks for reading and we hope too see you at the convoy!

Yours Sincerely
The EL team



Would you like me to share this on our Facebook page? Might help boost the interest a little :)


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100 meter allowance from the other trucks, is it because of Internet (Ping) Connection fro other Players?
1. Be aware of lag and stay 100m behind the truck infront of you..
It's not just ping but lag too, dependent on the player's PC they may desync more than someone else. In MP collisions are always a possibility but they can be reduced by staying out of lag/desync's reach.

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