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EngineFire Gaming Logistics LTD - Discord Linked Below

~ We are EFG Logistics Ltd, we aim to be one of the best out there.
~ With me Jamie and Harvey you should be able to experience the best of our company with plenty of things to look forward to such as company convoys and challenges as part of the vtc to get higher ranks and to maybe even win something.
~ We try to offer the most fun in the vtc while keeping the driving involved and without you, we won't be able to grow so join us today for the experience of a lifetime.

Why Us?

~ Always having fun while keeping respectful driving involved
~ Engaging with the community more - Playing other games ( not only Euro Truck / American Truck )
~ We have a very nice paint job. (Nothing better than having a nice looking truck!)
~ Very well set up as we now know exactly what to do with situations in a vtc
~ We have roles and ranks to show how many miles you have done - leading to driver of the month
~ We do a driving test to make sure we only recruit the best of the drivers out there
~ We will also be doing weekly convoys and races every couple of months when we get into gear


~ Must be 14+
~ 1000 miles a month
~ Must attend 1 convoy / event each month
~ Truck and Trailer paint-job must be used at all times ( Unless told by admins not to )
~ Drivers must have their tag setup with their number and role [EFG|Driver|number]
~ Must have 50+ hours to join the vtc
~ No dual vtc

Is this what you are looking for? Then why not check out our links below (or even apply!). Join EFG Logistics today!


Discord: Join the EngineFire Official Discord Server!
TrucksBook: Company Profile - TrucksBook
TruckersMP: TruckersMP - Virtual Trucking Company - EFG Logistics Ltd
Website: Home

We deliver on time, every time!


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