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Edge Trucking Staff
Owner: Jimmy
Co-Owner: Vacant
ATS Division Director: Vacant
ETS Division Director: Vacant
Senior Supervisor: Cameron
Junior Supervisor: Ramzer
Developer: Vacant

About Edge Trucking
Edge Trucking was founded in February 2016. We are a small company that consists of few members. We are seeking mature and committed drivers to add to our company. We have few rules that you are required to follow. We are doing a American Truck Simulator Division and also a Euro Truck Simulator Division. We use My VTC to track our loads. If you dont know how to use My VTC then we here at Edge Trucking will teach you. We require you to do at least 15 loads per month. We are recruiting drivers who play ETS2 and will be able to control the ETS2 Division we will like to expand out company further to both games.

Rules For Edge Trucking
Here at Edge Trucking do not have lots of rules but we do have some to keep things organized. First we like to follow all the Truckers MP rules which can be found here. If you would like to see all of our rules then you can check them out here.

For this company we currently use Teamspeak 3. If the Teamspeak server go down then we will be on discord a free program Teamspeak is also free. Teamspeak 3 IP: ats.ts3.nfoservers.com

Useful Links
Here are some useful links to various things for our company.

Steam Group
Jimmy Profile

If you wish to contact the Owner of this company please feel free to email me at [email protected]. You can also add Jimmy on steam.
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