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Economy Mod V1.2
Mod Includes:
  • Lower Prices on Garage
  • Lower count of trucks needed to buy online
  • Better Fuel Discount at Garage
  • Lower Job Abandoned fine
  • Lower Cost of Damaged Cago
  • Not as long Hurry up time
  • Lower Driver Cost
  • Higher Truck Refund
  • Abandoned Job Fine lower
  • Lower cost of Damaged Cargo
  • Lower Overtime cost
  • Lower Fuel Cost per KM
  • Lower Hire Driver Cost
  • Higher Freedrive points
  • Higher bonuses for Long Dist, Heavy, Fragile, Urgent
  • Higher Park bonus

Tested in: V 1.9.22

All to Skully

To Install, extract the Economy_v1.2.scs into your Mods File, Found in the Euro Truck Simlator 2 under My Documents!!

I also do engines for Trucks so if you have any requests. Look Below of how to contact me

Got Questions? Have any problems? Have Mod Request? Mod Not working?
I'll help the best i can with any questions.

Send me a message at my Profile: http://www.trucksim.org/member.php?u=15
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