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I am pleased to announce that '' Eco Logistics PFT ''(Polska Firma Transportowa) Is now LIVE and under recruitment status. I am also more than welcome to say that we are looking for enthusiastic and friendly individuals from all around Europe.

This is a Polish company, however as a Director I am currently seeking for individuals with high level of respect, competency and a high level of enthusiasm. I am a person who will not tolerate any kind of non-sense disputes and I am here to help you in what ever problem you struggle with.

As a director, I want to create a small family who will enjoy turning on their PC and coming over out Teamspeak channel and have a good chat.

There will be division, If we are successful I will create rooms for individuals who will like to spend their time talking to their friends in their language which won't be a problem to others and to you.
Please fill out this form as a reply if you wish to join and I will see you soon!



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