ECDT - English Content Development Team


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Apr 5, 2016
So guys, as you know I am currently building an ALX400. Because of this I have decided to launch a new team responsible for building English content, much like UKDT, thought I don't want to replace UKDT and I would with the teams permission like to run ECDT from this forum.

So if anyone is good at anything to do with OMSI such as:

- Bus Building

- Map Building

- Scripting

- Repaints

Or anything else to do with OMSI, then please contact me and I will try and find a place for you. You can also go to the EDCT Facebook page by searching "ECDT - English Content Development Team".

Many Thanks



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Feb 12, 2016
I can do repaints and simple stuff like announcements. Could you PM me what your plans or projects are for the team?