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Hello, Gabriel here, to talk to you about my VTC, East Coast Logistics.

We are a small but ambitious company based in the east coast cities of Newcastle and Grimsby in the UK. This gives us excellent connections to continental Europe, as well as the rest of the UK, and we are currently looking to get a base of operations in the continent as well.

Our company ideals are based around quality deliveries, meaning that we do our best to get our cargo to it's destination safely, and on time. As such, we aim to hire the best drivers for that job, who are aware of various road rules in all countries there are reasonably expected to drive in.

There is a ranking system currently in place, the ranks are;
  • Management
  • Senior Driver
  • Driver
Though we hope to add more to that list as our company grows. Once you have been accepted into the company, you will be given the rank of driver, and are free to progress up the company as fast or slow as you wish, or not at all if that is your preference. We believe in keeping our drivers informed of current events regarding the company, as well as a choice as to what direction we go in.

Our company trucks are the Mercedes Actros (Currently Majestic Across at time of posting) and the MAN TGX, and the variants thereof. We also have a company paint scheme for the ETS2MP mod, and a company skin is under development at the time of posting, the paint scheme is "Sade" with a dark grey background and a magenta stripe, as shown below.

If you feel that our company is one for you, please feel to contact us either at our temporary email address "[email protected]" or via our Facebook page.

Current Members
GabrielAngelious [CEO]

Senior Drivers
- ButteKhan
- GonzoBright
- Slacky

- Wood
- Keo3000
Hope to see some of you drivers out there!

G Angelious
CEO East Coast Logistics
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Seems like you guys are fairly new the business,
Best of luck.

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