E200 Door Problem

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Oct 23, 2016
On the E200, which script do I have to edit so I can drive with the doors open?

It's getting extremely annoying having to wait for the doors to fully close before I can leave the stop as it's wasting time. Is there any way?

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Rhys stirling

a B10' lad
May 4, 2016
Dunno but what would be even better is if you set off with the doors open you would get that irritating beeping saying "shut them doors you idiotic human being"


Mar 7, 2016
My guess is that there would be some kind of bus stop brake script fitted that is deactivated when the doors are fully closed. I'm away from my PC, so I don't know what files to check. Go through the script folder and any files that that seem to be related to doors or bus stop brakes, and see what you find.


Sep 1, 2016
That's realisitc though. The E200's NXWM have operate on my local route and they have the full ADL interlock. I quite like it really.