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The camera views that can be cycled through in the driver and passenger cabin views are defined in the *.bus file for a bus. Note that each variant of a bus you can select in the spawning-in menu will be a separate *.bus file, so changes you make to one will have to be copied to others in order to have any affect on other variants.

Driver camera views are defined using the [add_camera_driver] tag and passenger camera views with the [add_camera_pax] tag. Both tags have the same values that follow them:
z-coordinates (metres)
camera orbit radius (metres)
field of view (degrees)
horizontal (left/right) rotation (degrees)
vertical (up/down) rotation (degrees)
The first 3 values set the position of the camera. The 4th value defines the distance between the camera's position and the pivot point for its rotation. For most camera views this will have a value of about -0.06, this sets the pivot point to be 6 cm behind the camera, so when the camera turns it does so like your eyes do, about 6 cm in front of your neck. A positive value will cause the camera to rotate looking at a point in front of it (like the exterior camera views). The 5th value defines the FOV. The final two values rotate the camera away from looking exactly level and straight ahead.
Commonly you will also see a label above each of the views with a number than counts up from 0. These are useful labels as they help identify which camera is what when you want to adjust them and when you need to know the index of a camera, but they are not read by Omsi.

You can have as many camera views for each as you want, but bear in mind that to change between them you have to cycle through any intermediate ones, so when you have too many it'll take forever to find that one you want. The main driver camera views should be defined in a left-to-right manner so as to have the left/right arrow keys result in looking in the correct direction.

There are 3 additional tags that are used with only the driver camera views; [set_camera_std], which is followed by a zero-based index of the driver camera view that is standard (the normal driving view); [view_schedule], which makes the camera view it follows be switched to by the key assigned to viewing the timetable (Insert by default) and [view_ticketselling], which does the same for the key assigned to viewing the ticket selling (ticket machine and coin dispensing, Home by default).


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