Answered Disable Streetlights


Dec 24, 2016
Hi i want to change the time the street lights in BOTW 2.9 turn off to an earlier time as i like to drive a morning route but the street lights are on due to the darkness of the time of year but is not actually that dark and just generates lag and makes the situation not as enjoyable so id rather drive without any street lights on and just use the lights on the bus, or the other option id rather have if this is not do able is to turn the street lights off completely so the nightmap does not occur at any point on the map so i can drive in a non laggy enviroment, cheers.


An Orange Bus
Dec 10, 2015
Lightmap of Terrain will disable the lightmaps that streetlights, etc. light the map up with. The streetlights will still come on, they just won't light anything up. If you disable Night Map and/or Light Map you'll cause anything that lights up at all to not do that, which includes bus interior lighting, lights on the dashboard, and various other effects.


Prepare for trouble! Make it double!
Jan 1, 1970

You could try unchecking light map from the options in the bottom left of the Graphics (advanced) tab, but if you're having to go this far to get an acceptable framerate, maybe you should either consider getting a better PC or just finding something less demanding to play, like Undertale?