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My Omsi 2 folder is now around 60gb for one reason or another, meaning that it takes a very long time to load, and the maps are beginning to stutter.
I decided to separate frequently-used maps from the total and using MapTools was able to enable the South London map to run on its own. I renamed the main Omsi folder to Omsi2-Total and renamed the created Omsi2-TSLP to Omsi2. I thought that I would be able to rename the thinned out Omsi2 folder to Omsi2-TSLP and the Omsi2-Total back to Omsi2 when I wished to use the full folder. This appeared to work properly for a day or so, then I seemed to run foul of Steam, which has decided to re-download the data which was missing from my newly renamed Omsi2 folder, and this has caused a few problems.

My question is – Are you able to have different Omsi2 folders for different maps and, if so, how do you go about this?

I am sure this has been answered before, but I cannot quite find a reference to this.

Bruce Gauld.

Having given this some more consideration, I think the solution might be to copy the vanilla version downloaded by Steam, then add an extra frequently-used map to each of the vanilla versions, giving each one a separate name.
Then, when I want to use a particular map, I would rename it to plain Omsi before running it. As this will contain the vanilla version, this should hopefully stop Steam from attempting to re-download any of the Steam add-ons.
Unless anyone has a simpler solution!!

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