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Maps Daytonford County: 1995-2015 1.02

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Jun 12, 2018
Hi i have got all the stuff for map and i have cheeked map tools and its said i have them all but it still come's up with blue sky don,t no what up with it any advice please


New Member
Dec 26, 2017
guys im struggling to find certain objects if anyone can help me out please
I cant find yufas objects and I cant find the 3 Mercedes benz buses


Trent Barton lover
Oct 28, 2018
Hi all i have download all of the things that is needed but need theses splines but cannot get the map working
Splines\Terrain Spline\Terrain Spline_Other textures\Terrain-Spline_Asphalt\10mTerrain_Spline_Asphalt.sli
Splines\Terrain Spline\Terrain Spline_Other textures\Terrain-Spline_Asphalt\4mTerrain_Spline_Asphalt.sli
Splines\Terrain Spline\Terrain Spline_Other textures\Terrain-Spline_Asphalt2\20mTerrain_Spline_Asphalt2.sli


New Member
Feb 12, 2019
Hey there, I was download the map and it works perfectly, except with the route 206. I tried to use the editor and found out that there are station link problem with the map. Any suggestions?