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[CU] - JTR
Ddogb submitted a new download:

JTRepaints Metrobus Pack [C400R] [ALX400] - Metrobus Reapaints for the C400R & ALX400 (London spec)

Hi and welcome to the first release of my Metrobus pack, Included are two repaints for the ALX400 & C400R
(See photos for preview)
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Over time I hope to make this pack bigger to incorporate more omsi vehicles and different type of livery's that Metrobus have and still use on the buses so it will grow into a bigger number of buses & repaints over time.

Credit to,
for making the London Citybus 400R...​
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[CU] - JTR
Ddogb updated Metrobus Pack [C400R] [ALX400] with a new update entry:

Metrobus Repaint Pack (ALX400R/L & C400R/RX)

"The Duble Deck Update"
includes livery's for the ALX400R/L & C400R/RX

Hello this is part one of my 2.0 update, in this part I've called "The Duble Deck Update" includes a bunch more livery's, Full list of what is in this update can be found in the W.I.P thread > [LINK ]​

  1. Compleat redo of the C400 & ALX400 (London...​
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