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I'm a Scania
So, I've figured out how to get textured things into OMSI, but the textures don't behave properly.

First off I created a flat thing with the Stagecoach logo on it and it worked fine as a scenery object.
But then I changed the texture to have two Arriva logos in place of the Stagecoach one, but when I loaded up OMSI 2 editor afterwards, it still showed as having the Stagecoach texture!?
How is the .SCO file reading a texture which is no longer there, or looks different and still displaying it in-game?


so here is the .sco file clearly showing signtexture.png is the texture I want


and here is signtexture.png showing it has two Arriva logos on it


But when I load OMSI editor it still looks like this even though I changed the texture??

Is it something to do with when I exported it from Blender? There are some check boxes at the side which don't explain what they do and is the texture somehow packaged inside of the .x file (and subsequent .o3d file) when I export? If that is the case, how do I create a normal, infinitely replaceable/repaintable texture?


(here are those boxes in Blender I was on about)

Any ideas on what I should do?


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