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Greetings all,

My name is Chris, firstly thanks for clicking on this thread and checking it out.
The main reason for creating this thread is to inform the community and to request help with creating a virtual trucking company from scratch.

I'm looking for fellow owners to help with management, some base managers such as event managers exa. - Basically, the whole lot, as this will be new virtual trucking company.

The concept is it is a logistics company, and us partnering with other companies such as convey control company, and other fellow logistics company, our main goal is to grow forward creating profit and offering drivers a well-remembered and socialised experience.

I am looking for all the help I can get, age is not a problem, maturity is though. I'm looking for mature and experienced people to help me with this upcoming project.

My Discord is Chris#4132
So please hit me up!

- Chris



Hey Chris! I’m part of what was one of the largest VTC’s in the UK a few years ago and I’ve been pretty involved with the running of it it, so happy to help with any questions you have!

Biggest recommendation would be to start small, you don’t necessarily need a big management team, especially so early on.

Choose what you want to do, and then what’s going to make your VTC different from everybody else? Going back a few years there weren’t many companies, but there are so many now that it can be difficult to stand out.

Hopefully you’ll get some reliable drivers, and then I’d pick them for ‘management’ rolls if I were you, rather than recruiting people as managers from the start.

You mentioned profit too, I assume this is in game? If you’re hoping for real money, you’re going to be disappointed I’m afraid! :)

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