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Hello again, Well over the past few weeks I've been working on Cranleigh and I've made some improvements to the routes that already completed and made progress with other parts of the map. It's still a work in progress so it doesn't represent the final product.

So the university needed more work than expected. It was done then I thought the area could be improved so it was undone etc. Anyway, long story short the university is almost done with a few more improvements needed to the road layout to the East of the university. However, the U1 U2 and N10 are now in its
final stages. It should take half a day to finish up. But in the meantime enjoy the screenshots.
Omsi 2018-10-28 19-33-52-839.png

Omsi 2018-10-28 19-33-19-935.png

Omsi 2018-10-28 19-27-59-728.png

Omsi 2018-10-28 19-28-39-381.png

Herefield/Herefield High Street

Herefield also had some work done. With the northside of Herefield completed.

Omsi 2018-10-28 19-59-08-267.png

Omsi 2018-10-28 19-50-02-165.png

Omsi 2018-10-28 20-00-09-814.png

Omsi 2018-10-28 19-47-59-594.png


Compton Road
I've also made some minor changes to some existing areas of the maps. Which includes adding some objects from my upcoming asset pack.



The terminus of the U2 and N10 is Burnham Retail Park. The U2 connects the main university campuses with some of the uni accommodations and Burnham retail park.
Omsi 2018-10-28 19-38-35-527.png

Omsi 2018-10-28 19-34-49-780.png
Omsi 2018-10-28 19-35-43-621.png

FAQ Updated

Q: When will Cranleigh be released.
A: I am aiming for a christmas release (Don't quote me on this) but it's certainly on track for a Christmas release.

Q: Will the Citaro be included with Cranleigh
A: Who Knows Maybe :P

Q: How many routes will be included with the Final Version of Cranleigh
A: 4/5

Q: When the next update on the Citaro.
A: Soon.

Final words

There's not much left that needs to be done and I'm hoping to start pathing and adding timetables to the route shortly. Additionally, beta testing should be starting soon once the 23a (Which is the route I am currently working on) is finished and the 424 is almost complete. After that hopefully, release by Christmas. Also look out for some preview videos very soon.



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I love the pavement and road textures, authentic. Will feature this and all on me YT channel :)


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Haven't heard anything for a while, how's everything going? The map is looking incredible!
Wow can’t wait for this! Christmas is gonna be great can’t wait to be driving on this map before 2019!!!!


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Merry Christmas all. It's been some time since the previous update however it's time for another update and a lot has happened since the last update.

First of all Beta testing has started for Both Cranleigh And the Citaro. There has been quite a lot of bugs that have been found. There are a few areas that have been adjusted or that need additional work. And the town centre needs lots of optimisation. It's gonna take some time to get Cranleigh Ready for release may be another month or so and the Citaro also has quite a bit left to do as well. Now, unfortunately, I decided to take my PC back down to London for Christmas (And should have secured it or removed the Graphics Card) and it got damaged probably on the train or on the tube. which lead to the Motherboard being damaged and Graphics card somewhat broken. Luckily I did make backups of my files even though they weren't needed in the end since I was able to recover from my hard drive. However I did end up having to fork out for a new PC. I unable to work on Cranleigh time being since I'm still reinstalling quite a few programs that I used which may take a few more days since my internet connection isn't that great atm.

Also, I was asked about donations and I end up setting ko-fi so if you want to donate then you can. Like I said for some time All my current work in progress projects are free and will remain FREE upon release.
So if you want to donate me a coffee donate here. Buy Onionwolf a Coffee.

Right anyway time to move onto the updates. (Note the screenshots resolution may be blurry due to the fact I'm using a smaller monitor)

Cranleigh now Has AI buses and timetables. I've been working on timetables However they are a long way off from being finished as of yet since I need to work on the Hof file and AI-List a bit more along with the rest of the map.
Omsi 2018-12-25 11-15-36-967.png

The town centre is still being worked on. Like I said earlier it needs quite a lot of optimization especially since it's quite compact and some beta testers have reported some noticeable lag. Cranleigh also now has a cathedral and have made some improvements to a few areas however the town centre needs a lot more work.
Omsi 2018-12-25 11-22-04-236.png

Omsi 2018-12-25 11-24-43-712.png


Omsi 2018-12-25 11-23-08-604.png

Station Approach
Omsi 2018-12-25 11-24-10-758.png

Riverside Shopping Centre
The road between London Road Junction and Stamford Roundabout had a revamp after there were quite a few issues that have been pointed out. Which led me to revamp that entire section.

Omsi 2018-12-25 11-25-03-004.png

London Road Junction

Omsi 2018-12-25 11-30-56-554.png

Haynes Way
And finally the next route I'm working on. The 18 which runs from Cranleigh Southgate to Herefield Station. It's should take around 30 mins and goes around some estates north of Cranleigh Town centre before arriving at the final stop at Herefield station.
Omsi 2018-12-25 11-31-38-484.png

Omsi 2018-12-25 11-32-00-604.png

There's still quite a lot of work that needs to be done over the next few weeks. I won't be able to work on Cranleigh this week until I'm back in Dundee.

The final thing which is quite important and that needs to make clear.
You need Hamburg Day and Night to run Cranleigh
If you don't have it. It's on sale on steam for around £10, I highly suggest you take advantage off this offer.

Citaro Pack
The exterior is mainly done apart from a few bugs and I'm currently focusing on fixing the animations since some of them are bugged and others require brand new animations additionally I'm working on the interior. I am planning to release 4 variants as it stands which include 1 door Rigid, 2 door Rigid, 2 Door artic and Three door artic. With some CTI variations which includes AST doors, Interior with bus stop displays or without displays, Advert panels etc. This will be explained at a later date anyway here's a few screenshots.
Omsi 2018-12-25 12-32-19-348.png

Omsi 2018-12-25 12-32-31-313.png

Omsi 2018-12-25 12-35-47-842.png

Omsi 2018-12-25 12-36-03-812.png

All my work will still be postponed until I'm back in Dundee.

For more frequent updates check out my Facebook page. -




Stupid question but why do we need Hamburg day and night
There will be objects and/or spines that come with Hamburg Day & Night that are used in Cranleigh that can't be packaged along with it for copyright reasons. A single prerequisite is rather small compared to some freeware Train Simulator routes that are available that require up to 10 different payware routes to run.


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Hey all, For the past two months I've been working on bug fixes and improving the map in a few areas which include expanding parts of the map and making improvements to some areas. Hopefully, I should have a larger update in the next few weeks so stay tuned. Also thanks to @BusSimAddict for creating a logo for Cranleigh
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It's update time again and there's have been a lot of change over the past few months. Which include the 3 being rebuilt yet again (And trust me this is the last time I will be rebuilding the 3), as well as the 17 being almost finally complete and the addition of 2 new routes which I have discussed on my facebook page ( however, will go into more detail in this post.

Anyway, let's start off. The map is currently in beta still and I have released an update over the weekend. So far the beta testers have found a large number of issues with the map, however, most of them are quite easy to fix. The 3 has changed a lot since the last version and now is complete minus bug fixing and adding some extra detail. It's slightly longer and takes around 25-30 mins to drive the entire route depending on the direction. And the frequency is every 12 mins during the day.


Updated Burnham High Street with a new bus-only shared space area.


New London Road Station with an arch


New: Tarragon Court

The 17 is pretty much done barring a small area which I'm currently working on. It takes around 30 mins to complete the full route with a frequency of every 15 mins throughout the day and I'm already planning to extend it in Cranleigh 2 (Shhhhh ;)) The route starts from Herefield which is a leafy suburb in the northern part of Cranleigh and makes it way to the city centre via Downfleet before going through an estate and terminating at Southgate Interchange.


Herefield Station


Downfleet Town Centre


Harestock Estate

What's also changed?
Ive decided to combine all the uni routes into 1 route however there are separate lines which include.
  • Cranleigh Railway Station to University
  • Cranleigh Railway Station to Burnham Retail Park
  • University Bus Station - Burnham Retail Park
  • Cranleigh University Circular (Only on Mon-Fridays between 8:30 and 17:00)
Another new addition is the 300, which is a Metrobus/Park & Ride style service which is a direct route to the Adlington Park and Ride and goes via Merton Retail Park (Which has been rebuilt) and via the dual carriageway. It takes about 18 mins to complete the route and with a frequency of every 20 mins.


N531 DWM Has made new repaints for Cranleigh. Which includes an Arriva Max 442 Repaint and Cranleigh City Repaints. Whiskey has also updated his repaints for Cranleigh Konnections as well as FGW Class 158 Reskin and Alex has also sent me his finished unilink repaints.



So what's next: well...
  1. Finish working on the 17.​
  2. Finishing working on the hof files and editing the announcements.​
  3. Finish up changing all the road textures to .dds​
  4. Optimization​
  5. Add AI bus routes and more AI Train Traffic​
  6. Finish reworking the ground textures​
  7. Making improvements to the Ai-list, Ticket pack as well as adding a UK Holidays, Registrations etc​
  8. Make improvements to the town centre so it's slightly more detailed however optimising the town centre at the same time.​
  9. Adding small details such as ambient sound effects, signs, billboards, changing a few of the buildings etc...​
  10. Traffic rules and increasing the traffic on some of the main routes as well checking​
  11. Improving the timetables as the current timetables are quite rough.​
  12. Finish the 442 and school routes​
  13. Chronos​
  14. Fix all the bugs.​
  15. Documentation​
There's still quite a lot to do however the finishing line is within sight.


I post quite frequently on my FB page -
Also, why not donate - Buy Onionwolf a Coffee.



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Cheers all,
Its A Shame You Need Hamburg To Run The Map, Well To Anyone That Has Hamburg Enjoy The Map😭
You might be able to play Cranleigh. I've been looking at replacing the Hamburg requirement. It might be possible but would take time so it might happen after Cranleigh is released.

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