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Master of the Bodge
Jan 18, 2016
Hey all, It's been over a month since the last update a lot of things have happened since the last update and now but here is a preview video of Cranleigh

Omsi 2017-08-15 01-41-42-047.png

The U1 is finally finished after several weeks of work. It takes approx 20-25 mins depending on traffic levels, From the bus station to the university. The screenshot above is the university main building and the terminus for the U1. Also, the corner is really tight when you head back towards the town centre.

Omsi 2017-08-15 01-42-08-646.png

The university also has its own segregated cycleway.
Omsi 2017-08-15 01-39-58-959.png
Finally a screenshot of the university square. The U1 Itself is finished however I will need to go back and optimise and polish the entire route as well as fix any bugs or problem on route. Moreover, I'm going to look at the 3 route again because they are some issues with the route which need to be fixed before the final release.

Since the last update, I was working on another route called the 27 which is a route that starts from the town centre and ends at a housing estate and goes through Merton retail park and an industrial estate.
Omsi 2017-08-15 01-43-18-826.png

Omsi 2017-08-15 01-43-50-893.png

Whilst I was building the 27 route, I needed to make changes to Merton industrial estate again and also gave me a chance to rework Stamford roundabout. As you can see it's in a better condition compared to the previous version.
Omsi 2017-08-15 01-45-26-221.png

Some of the crossings in Merton have been reworked so they use fewer splines compared to the original. They are few more crossing that is in the process of being reworked or needs to be reworked at some point.
Omsi 2017-08-15 01-44-26-267.png

Before I can continue any more development they are some issues with the map currently in regards invalid splines that need to be fixed. Additionally, I will need to remove some excess tiles and some optimisation because the map is heavy on FPS before I can move on to the next route which is the rural routes and finishing the 27. Additonally I am planning to make changes to the depot, town centre and Burnham because the quality could be a lot better.
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May 4, 2016
i wasnt saying that i wouldnt buy it i just ment cause london is coming out itd be alot of money and if the author wants to use objects/buildings/splines from that map its his choice i have no obligation sorry for the little rant btw this map is looking fab definatly of the levels of london and botw etc


Master of the Bodge
Jan 18, 2016
So it's been 3 months since my last proper update. I would like to thank people who did attend Showbus and saw Cranleigh. Since showbus, I really haven't had any time whatsoever because of uni work until recently until recently....

I've been working on Cranleigh on and off along with Citaro. Also, thanks to @Mystic Greg and @Danielc2525 who been helping with the Citaro and the Citaro G. One of the main changes has been some areas have been given a makeover and is better optimised and slightly more interesting layout. The town centre has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and can be compared to towns like Guildford and Winchester.

The new bus station allows for more buses to be parked and also it means the bus station can fit artics more easily.

View from High Street looking towards the monument.

Improved Millbrook (Might add Cyclists as an optional extra but you will need Hamburg Hafencity DLC)

Additional bus lane on Guildford Road looking towards the University

Since the map has changed a lot the routes have been changed slightly. The U1 will go from Cranleigh Bus Station to University however the 3 which used to run from Cranleigh Train Station to Adlington is going to be changed and split into two routes.

300 - Cranleigh Train Station, Cranleigh Bus station to Adlington Park and Ride via Greenfolds Housing Estate and Burnham
71 - Cranleigh Bus Station to Brookwood Heath to Windlesham


I've only started working the 300 recently and here's a shot of Greenfolds Housing Estate. (Note the 300 is limited to single deck buses due to a low bridge.)


The U1 is almost complete with a couple of adjustments that need to be done. However, I did make a fundamental change to the U1. The U1 now loops to serve the main Campus of the university. Below is a shot of Fordham Building with a cycle path.

Improved Chaseside (With an Enviro 400 in a CK livery London advert)

Nightengale Square (University)

Before I talk about the Citaro I do want to mention that I do all my work in my spare time in between doing coursework so it would be greatly appreciated if you can or if you want to donate. I can't promise much at the moment. However, I could look at an early access program for Cranleigh or the Citaro, early Updates via email or a discord server for donaters or something along those lines.

Donate to Oainientk3 - Donation-Tracker

Right Citaro time...

Thanks to @Danielc2525 who has helped me converting the Citaro G and the Body has been converted and they are still parts that need to be converted and then once that's done then we can move on to improving the Citaro G.


@Mystic Greg has been working on a single door version. A lot of things are still needed to be done.

And I've been working on the Dual door version and the dashboard

Omsi 2017-11-25 22-49-00-459.png

I've split the Citaro Project into two stages. The first stage is getting the Citaro converted and then fixing any bugs. After that then the 2nd part of the project is making improvements and making a few of UK variants. Obviously there a lot needed to be done but we want to bring a decent quality bus and have a UK artic bus in the community.

Once again I do apologise for the long hiatus but uni comes first work before OMSI. They will be more regular updates later over the new few weeks since it's nearly Christmas also there are a few easter eggs in this post guess so guess what they are :P


Resident Ellie Rose Spotter
Aug 5, 2017
Now I'll be able to relive my York Park & Ride fantasies. They'll be going next January.

N531 DWM

I like Darts.
Oct 25, 2016
Id say its an EcoCity myself judging by the placement of the grills on the back and the rear lights! ;P
May 4, 2016
Just to ask would the interior be like a W reg citaro with the seating arrangement on the interior like the ones in Manchester

Mystic Greg

Forum Moderator
May 22, 2016
Just to ask would the interior be like a W reg citaro with the seating arrangement on the interior like the ones in Manchester
I believe that is the one we are aiming for as that is the closest one UK wise to what the original one is like


Master of the Bodge
Jan 18, 2016
Omsi 2017-12-12 22-30-28-62912.png

Time for a quick update. Last week I decided to redesign Burnham and turn it into a roundabout. The original area was ok but the quality wasn't up to scratch compared to rest of the map, therefore, it needed to be rebuilt. The redesigned layout is quite an improvement to my original work Additionally, they are several more areas that are currently being rebuilt so it's more fps friendly and looks more prototypical of a city/town in the south-east.

Omsi 2017-12-12 22-31-57-882.png
Omsi 2017-12-12 22-32-24-360.png
Omsi 2017-12-12 22-31-30-041.png


Master of the Bodge
Jan 18, 2016
Header for Updates.png

Happy new year all. Over the Christmas holidays, I had a chance to work on Cranleigh. I am pretty pleased what I have done over the past few weeks. And there are a few changes but there is still a long way to go before Cranleigh is finally completed.


Herefield is located North of Cranleigh town centre and is really close to the city boundary. Currently, 421 which is the Arriva Sapphire route that goes between Cranleigh and Oldmere and the 32 Terminates at Herefield High Street as seen in the Header Image. Herefield isn’t finished yet and there is a lot of work that is needed before it actually completed.

Omsi 2018-01-06 23-48-53-753.png

Herefield High Street

Omsi 2018-01-06 23-49-17-314.png

Herefield Barracks looking towards Fish Hill.

Fish Hill

Fish Hill is a steep hill located north of Herefield. The 421 is the only bus route that goes up this hill however it’s quite steep. So, you might struggle to get up this hill with some buses. Past Fish Hill is mostly Rural roads towards Adlington. This area is almost complete however I need to make a few improvements.

Omsi 2018-01-06 23-49-44-840.png

Fish Hill | Looking towards Herefield
Omsi 2018-01-06 23-50-13-691.png

Fish Hill in the background


Merton is 15 mins drive from the Town Centre. Famous for its massive church and railway viaduct. Several routes go through Merton going to various destinations. Again this area needs a few more improvements before it’s actually finished which I intend to do at some point.

Omsi 2018-01-06 23-52-51-833.png

Merton Church in the Background

Omsi 2018-01-06 23-54-57-451.png

Another shot of Merton Church

Omsi 2018-01-06 23-55-59-803.png

Merton Rail Viaduct

Merton Industrial Estate

Finally, another area that I had to revisit is Merton Industrial Estate. The old one felt a bit off and I ended up having rebuild parts of it again, but this new revision looks nicer.
Omsi 2018-01-06 23-55-49-790.png

And finally

The 300, U1 is almost done however, I will need to make a few small improvements to the layout and scenery before I can start adding paths and timetables.

Also thanks @Whiskey.Stuffs for his amazing Repaints that he created for Cranleigh. His recent reskins for the MAN Citysmart, ALX400 and Plaxton President. They are absolutely stunning

If you like my work so far why not donate. Any donations would be greatly appreciated:
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