Cossowell 2020 - Development

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NELOG Developer
Jul 27, 2016
Guys, give him a break. We all know that Manchester is a wasteland and cleary has zero infrastructure


The Manchester Project
Jul 26, 2019
I like the optimism but I don't think this is actually possible... Do you have any experience in blender or is this just something you'll have to learn in the 10 months you've given yourself?
I have learnt a bit of blender and plus i am a quick coder


Making the repaints that wouldn't have been made
Dec 25, 2018
It was gonna be but everyone wants me to make something unique so ill make buses as well
It is near-impossible to be able to make 4 buses in under a year, unless your team is very large.

Could an admin please close the thread now, as it is causing unnecessary drama now.
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