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Organizing a convoy or event? Here's a simple explanation and checklist of how you can do it...

Plan in advance! Know exactly what event you want to create and what you hope to achieve, for example you want to organize a convoy, getting as many people from A to B as possible without injury. Estimate how your convoy or event will pan out and create plans to prevent issues or confusion. These steps will help you cover all the bases.

1. Know your locations. Have space for everyone and easy access!

It's all good and well saying you're hosting an event on this date at this time, only to have the attendees show up to find the location is too small to hold everyone together. The ideal place to meet is a wide open space with easy maneuvering, with an obvious entrance and exit. These places include but are not limited to: Large companies (e.g. WGCC, some Transinet's), Mannheim parking lot (and other open parking lots). Basically, anywhere that will hold the audience you're expecting comfortably. Having a service station nearby just in case would be smart. If you're hosting a convoy this includes the starting location, any stops along the way and the final destination.

2. Have some helpers. Ask some trusted people you know if they will help you keep things running smoothly.
It never hurts to ask for some help, especially if you want to organize a convoy. Positioning people at certain checkpoints or at different places in the convoy to direct people will make life much easier if the convoy splits into multiple parts due to incidents like lag or crashes. Having a few helpers might also aid assistance if people are asking a lot of questions while you're not at the game or unable to attend at the last minute. Job roles may include: General assistant, convoy control, convoy lead/tail, judge (truckshows), etc. You might need nametags and a color scheme that clearly identifies your "team" as well. [EVENT STAFF] with a bright yellow skin, for example. Remember to respect MP rules at all times as well!

3. If you're planning a convoy, know the route. There's nothing like missing a turn and splitting up the convoy or getting lost...
More often than not, a convoy will get split up. If multiple people know the route you can get from A to B with as many people as possible. Also, keep the route interesting by incorporating narrow roads - nobody likes driving on highways 100% of the time. If possible, try keep things simple by choosing a route that will be shown on people's GPS if they've chosen a job to your destination.

4. Have a place to communicate. Not necessary, but adds some fun and you can make friends!

Whether it's a TeamSpeak server or a Skype call you want to add everyone to, personally I find a lot more fun in talking to who I'm hanging out with. It's a lot safer while driving too as you don't have to type as often.

A checklist...
  • Meetup place, time, date.
  • Destination and any stops along the way are suitable. (Convoys)
  • Any staff you may need are arranged. (Livery and tags too, if necessary).
  • You have a place to voice chat. (Adds a fun element).
If you can cross out all of the above, you're on your way to hosting a fun event!
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