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Wolf Pack Trucking will be holding it first Open convoy this Sunday, July 24th, 2016 at 9:30 am PST (GMT -7).

ETS2MP Server: US

We'll meet in Aberdeen at the Service Station at 9:30 am.
Drivers will pick up their loads before meeting at the Service Station.
Should be on the road no later than 10:00 am

Route will be made after everyone has gotten their loads and we will finish at the farthest drop-off.

Pilot Cars Rules
1. Cars can not pull trailers
2. Pilot cars are not to block traffic, however they are to move to the side to allow traffic through with light bar on and four ways going to inform traffic that a convoy is coming.
3. Pilot cars must have a Pilot car light bar.
4. Driver of Pilot car must have the route on their GPS.

Convoy Rules
1. WPT will provide the Convoy Control. Convoy Control will keep everyone in line.
2. No overtaking.
3. When convoy reaches a drop-off point, the convoy will wait off to the side of the highway while the one(s) who needs to drop-off their load drops it off.
4. Drivers may pick up another load if they wish as long as it does not change the route of the convoy to much.
5. Respect everyone.
6. Respect the rules of the road. If you are stopped at a stop light then say so that way you don't get hit from behind and you don't fall to far behind the leader of the convoy.

All voice communications will be done on channel 15 of the CB with WPT members being on our TS3 server as well.

IF you have any questions please feel free to PM me or contact me on Steam.


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