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I'm hoping someone can help, I have a Logitech G27 Steering Wheel + Saitek Side Panel and they won't show on connected controllers. I updated my graphics drivers and my game wouldn't work, then i rolled back to the previous version and now the game works but it won't show any connected devices.




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If something like that happened then you might want to do a clean install of your graphics card drivers with DDU. There could be another issue at play here. I know graphics drivers seems unlikely as a cause of this, but not having them working correctly causes many other issues for me which seem completely unrelated. It is probably more likely in this case as it started happening after you rolled back your drivers.

Instructions are under Clean install your GPU drivers section here.


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In the first instance, I'd recommend entirely deleting your 'Inputs' folder, and options.cfg (make backups incase). OMSI should then regenerate those files/folders with clean versions. If it doesn't, instruct Steam to verify game cache.

Of course, this does mean you'll revert to standard settings, so you'll need to do your options again, and re-assign your controllers.

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