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ConConLtd™ (Or some may know us as ConvoyControlLtd™ is a new but professional and serious Convoy Control company. For anyone looking for a new CC + Piloting company because of bad experiences with other ones or other reasons, then you've come to the right place!
We are always looking for new recruits when it comes to CC + Piloting as the bigger our team gets, the better our Control can become over larger and larger convoys!
We do not always offer our services but that is only due to our team sometimes not being avaliable as they are on holiday etc.

Our current positions are:
• Management Team (MT)
• Pilot
• Convoy Control (CC)
** We not do offer a drivers position as we do not aim to base our company around that also **

Our current team consists of:

BasicallyMental - Founder of the company
• Reevesy - Co-Founder of the company
• DollarCobra - Our second Co-Founder of the company
• matematrix #Team Pyro - Convoy Control
• Jack711 - Currently In-Training
• michael.dougan96 - Convoy Control
• Mr-GAMEALOT - Currently In-Training
• HexagonNova - Currently In-Training
• jssgtech - Currently In-Training
• xHunter_BoSS - Currently In-Training

• Anyone wanting to apply must join our Teamspeak with the following IP:
If you wish to gain our application form, then please just poke one of our members of staff!
• Anyone with any questions can simply either reply to this thread, join our Teamspeak or email us at [email protected]
• If you wish to keep up to date with our next convoys, then why not join our steam group where we'll be constantly posting if we are either hosting or doing CC/Piloting for any convoy!
• If you wish to apply for our services at one of your convoys then simply Click Here!

• We are currently recruiting as always
• We are currently not taking ConConLtd™ Service applications due to almost all our staff being away - Will open again on Monday 15th August 2016
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