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The Baron

We are looking for people to fill the position of Community Staff.

Our community is fast growing and our user base is expanding. The need for someone to ensure that the forum is kept in order is reliant upon our moderators. If you are active online, friendly and have good leadership skills then this could be the role for you!

As a member of our Community Staff team, you will be ensuring the smooth running of the Forums on a day to day basis. You will be responsible for managing content and our users and enforcing the rules and regulations.

Other duties will include
  • Helping others, by answering questions and solving conflict
  • Keeping the forum clean by getting rid of foul language, moving threads to their most relevant section, deleting spam threads and archiving old threads so that only the most up to date information is shown
  • Keeping the forum active with quality content on a daily basis
  • Enforcing the rules
  • Reprimand users if necessary

Apply now for Forum Moderator (m/f)


- You are helpful with replying to comments, questions and messages from members
- You can provide tips and are friendly to lend a helping hand
- You are active online and can visit the forum at least once every day
- You are fluent in both written and spoken English
- You are enthusiastic about Truck Simulation and gaming in general
- You are knowledgeable with technical queries
- You are knowledgeable in dealing with conflict

Experience as a Forum Moderator is not an essential requirement but is an added bonus.

How can you apply?

So, have we managed to grab your interest?

To apply, simple create a thread in our Staff Applications section. (Only TSC Staff can see your application)

Title: Community Staff Application - Username

Please include all of the following information or your application will be automatically denied.

  1. Full Name
  2. Forum Username
  3. Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)
  4. Language(s) spoken
  5. Position applying for (COMMUNITY STAFF)
  6. How active are you on the forum?
  7. What makes you suitable for the role? (Short paragraph)
  8. Do you have any past experience with forum moderation?

*Non complying applications (applications that have not included ALL of the above points) will be rejected.

Thank you, we will aim to reply to you within a few days. If there is a problem sending the email please send us a message on here so we can look in to it for you.

- Truck Sim Central Team
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