Maps City of Ashby


Feb 18, 2018
I have decided to make Ashby an independent city instead of a town. Ashby will no longer be a part of Greater Mancher. I have made a bus company called AshbyPinPoint, but the bus repaints are not as good as I would like them yet. Nearly all buses will start at the city centre shopping centre and make their way to their destinations. I will still include the route H55, but it'll start at the city centre, then to the hospital and extended to the airport and it'll also be renumbered to the A3. where there are designated bus stands.


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An Orange Bus
Dec 10, 2015
@OmarYv you might want to take your screenshots during the day so we can see what you're showing off, or at least re-enable Lightmaps in the Advanced Graphics Settings tab so your bus doesn't look quite so bizarre. :)

It looks like you've got a lot done though, which is something I don't usually see from new WIP threads. :)