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I used to play Cities: Skylines a lot a few years ago. Now, I hardly play it. It just takes up too much time to do anything good, and half the time, its the loading time that kills it for me. This might just end up getting me back into it, though?

Here's some old screenshots from times gone by:

From 2016, the first map I built on the new computer - 'Massevaux - French Colombia', some attempt at a fictional French metropolitan colony in South America. I have this thing for Hong Kong knock-offs for Cities. The context of this screenshot was that this van here was intended to be a sort of bomb disposal van heading down a closed city boulevard responding to a bomb threat.


From that same map, here's my fictional take on 'La Défense' Think it was supposed to be a bit more built-up than this by the time this map was abandoned.


And then, in late 2016, there was this Canadian (???) island of 'Isla Xavi', situated somewhere in Latin America (probably) with a few Soviet cars thrown in (???), as well as trams and the odd LHD Routemaster. This was around the time the disasters DLC came out, so I had a whale of a time throwing meteors and tsunamis at it whenver I got bored.


Cue the Philip Glass.


Then I built this lovely old small East German town with the Snowfall DLC. Nothing much else to say about that except that this one didn't last too long, either. Looked a lovely place, though - even the tenements seemed nice.


And onto the crown jewel of my earlier Cities days, built up throughout early 2017 - the 'British Korean' city of Hamaesan. Mainly just an excuse to fling RMs and Leyland Olympians onto a foreign land, as well as an excuse to make yet another Hong Kong knock-off. Mmm, that density.


So grim. Just what I was looking for.


Then in around April, I went for this American city vibe, which I unfortunately think I gave up on because the population just kept dipping with the lack of commercial. Even had Pruitt-Igoe-style blocks of flats to boot!


Then I tried building a full-scale rendition of both sides of Grestin, inspired by 'Papers, Please', and my love of driving a wall through the middle of a city. Gave up when the streetlights mod that represented the divide of East and West decided to stop working, though.


My last big project I actually bothered to work on through 2018 was this fictional British city called Keldby with a full-scale vintage tram network and a big municipal bus company, as well as a small independent one linking the outlying villages, somewhat inspired by York with its city walls/


This one seemed really promising with all the detail I put into it, and I was just about building up a 1920s-style housing estate when the game decided it didn't like me doing nice things and crashed. Eventually, I gave up and nuked the city.

My last recent project which I gave up on almost instantly was a fictional Eastern Bloc inspired city using the Snowfall expansion, somewhat inspired by Baku from when I saw it on The Grand Tour. Sadly, the only screenshot I have of it is this:

Looking back, I'm considering making one of those built-up densely-packed British Hong Kong knock-off's again, perhaps set in the 1980s. Hopefully, there might be enough assets out there made during my regular downtime to fit the theme, this time?
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